Inside the Shed Camera setup


Production Process

On Monday, we did a 5 camera studio setup, which was helpful to use due to the fact that it informs us on where the cameras should be placed and essentially, how. it was a good experience to be part of and will be beneficial in the future! The footage that we created was on a show we came up with called “Inside the shed” which was based around a wooden shed, meaning to be a game show. It was a lot of fun to speak my mind on the show and not follow a script, although it was very challenging.

We all had to set up the cameras and wires professionally, and safely due to it being a risk on set and could cause many injuries if knocked over or, in some cases, burn someone, which would then be a real issue and would require a lot of medical assistance. We had a mental risk assessment and story board that we were following which helped us identify any issues that we encountered, and helped us solve the issues. We did not bump into many issues other than timing, but apart from that, everything else was pretty much fine.

My role on set was being one of the cast, talking about why I am on the show and my personal information, also introducing a plastic bottle which was a last minute stand in for what was meant to be 2 other people, but they could not make it due to illness’ and other personal issues.

I communicated with the team because of the fact that I needed to know when they started filming and also when they were focusing the camera on me, as I needed to speak in front of it and say a few lines, also making myself look good for the camera.


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